Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Fragments of My Mind are a Terrible Thing to Waste

I'd like to congratulate my kid sister (who now has a child, which kind of makes me feel like the kid brother) for actually making the world a slightly smarter place with her charity that helps keep financially-strapped students in college. She helps deserving students who are already receiving Financial Aid and teetering on the brink of dropping out, stay in school. While she keeps people on their feet, I tend to become fixated on the guy walking past me wearing a winter coat and flip flops.

 I occasionally try to point out the ridiculousness of life to those bored in cubicles. I'd like to imagine them  enjoying my blog around 3:30ish, before they're IMing their coworkers about the stupidity of their clients, taking their 5 hour energy shots and/or posting on Facebook that they have gotten coffee for the umpteenth time that day (I believe the umpteenth amount of repeating any activity falls at a number between 3 and right before needing to switch from whiskey to Adderall and whiskey)  before heading to Starbucks for a break (while I’m inside with my laptop wishing I could have a cubicle break from Starbucks.) And exhale… (Time to limit my daily coffee type beverage intake to 1ish)

This gives them the chance to one day have a job they actually like and are good at, and in turn get paid accordingly, which will enable them to build a life in which their children will not be financially disadvantaged. Thus breaking a vicious circle (is there any other kind of circle that warrants breaking?) and the proverbial glass ceiling to a better life. A college education hopefully prevents them from getting stuck in dead end jobs (or worse being out of work hoping to land dead end jobs) that suck the marrow from their soul with each punch of the time clock. 

Now these future happy, fulfilled Americans may no longer feel the need to devour as much Coors Light and Taco Bell as well as celebrity gossip and fantasy football stats. They may be too busy being productive members of society and shopping for duvet covers and loofas in Bed, Bath & Beyond to take time out to read my random thoughts strewn together haphazardly like a toddler trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle of an actual jigsaw. Oh well, there’s always room for jell-o, a day dream involving young Phoebe Cates stepping out of a swimming pool in slow-motion and a little Think Fink.  

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