Thursday, July 2, 2009

Embracing Your Inner Dork. or Tina. Hey, How You Doin'.

I just realized why women like 30 Rock so much, and why guys like Tina Fey, as well. Liz Lemon basically gets to do every awkward thing that women fear they will do in front of a guy,(and what guys do do in front of women) like having the door fly open while she's sitting on the toilet on a first date. But, she's a neurotic hot mess of a woman who is constantly making quick decisions as a producer of a TV show filled with crazy people while she is incapable of making the right choices in her train wreck of a personal life. Liz is the woman whose social life is always in upheaval, kind of like what Holly Hunter personified when she was the spunky perfectionist news producer in “Broadcast News." If overachieving, incredibly successful female characters with type-A personalities didn't have a relatable dorky side, they would appear to be as compulsively crazy as Reese Witherspoon's perfect portrayal of the fanatically driven high school student in the film Election.

This is why she was smart enough to make her character a hyper-reality version of herself. She is probably a little quirky, and assuredly a very funny woman who was the head writer at SNL. Tina managed the break-neck pace creating live comedy at the real 30 Rock but I'm pretty sure she can talk to men without accidentally cupping their balls in an elevator, or something quirky to that effect. Lucille Ball portrayed a wildly popular goofy character that was funny and got herself into many sticky situations but the audience laughed at her and said "That's our Lucy", as opposed to watching Liz Lemon and going "Oh My God, that's so me." Tina Fey has become a one-woman "Seinfeld."

But, the so-called point of my story is that if you are going to be a walking with a coffee cup down the street-while checking your blackberry-and fitting in gym workouts in between meetings- before taking flights back and forth for a day to give presentations-type of woman; then it helps if you don't also try to come off as being perfect to men and the people in your life. People like that are just naturally presumed to be uptight,   Type A-holes(see Meryl Streep's magazine editor in the Devil Wears Prada.) Luckily, most people are not A-holes,and we all have a hidden dork side to us that makes us unique. Putting up facades only works for buildings(Wow, that sounds like something Tony Robbins would say. I guess I'm extra dorky when writing about being dorky).

I think one of the big differences between men and women is men pretty much want to forget about their day at work(men expect the people they work with to be idiots and are not surprised by it) and women can't leave behind the fact that their counterpart would show up to an important meeting dressed like she's trying to pick up a sailor on shore leave. If my grandmother died and I got fired that day and I had a first date, I would smile and act like nothing happened, because I know how important a good first impression is to women. I had a woman break a first date with me recently and then the makeup date a week later and give me a rain check both times because it was actually raining and she didn't want her curly hair to frizz up.

That's why it helps to show up to first dates with the occasional bloody nose or to spill a drink on your own white t-shirt and laugh about it on a date. We, and I'm speaking for all men (not just NYC dorky, cute Jewish guys with warm smiles, endearing eyes and a surprisingly muscular body for a seemingly skinny guy, who exude a laid back, go-with-the-flow attitude, and enjoy making women laugh as much as orgasm) find that totally cute and adorable and will be smitten every time. Plus it helps, if you can fling off your glasses and pony tail and reveal an even hotter version of yourself when we're not expecting it.

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